A Year from Idea to Today

Depending on your perspective, the passing of one year can seem microscopically insignificant, or it can make all the difference in the world. If we start with the former, in a year Europe and America move about an inch apart, Mt. Everest grows about 4 cm, and light from our sun travels barely a quarter of the way to Alpha Centauri.


A good place to contemplate the passing of a year…

For others, a year can be hardly enough time for their list of accomplishments. Back in school, we all learned about Albert Einstein’s annus mirabilis in 1905, when he revolutionized the way we thought about every aspect of physics. More recently, in 2009, FC Barcelona had it’s own miracle year, winning all 6 competitions it entered and, similarly to Einstein, changing the way the whole world approached the art of soccer.

We’re not going to compare ourselves to Einstein or FC Barcelona, but the past year for SipaBoards has been a wild ridel. In fact it was a year ago this week when SipaBoards was just an idea in our CEO’s mind. The story should be well-known by now: Sebastjan’s youngest daughter had a hard time paddling back to shore while the family was on vacation and meetings were already set up as soon as they got back.

Once the ball got rolling there was no stopping it. The first prototype (a thing so hideous that it’s almost beautiful), with its offboard motor affixed by duct tape, was in the water by September.

prototype in water

MacGyver style!

Not long after followed the first prototype which would be recognizable as a SipaBoard.

prototype on land

The first real prototype tested at lake Gradiško in Slovenia

By November things had moved on from some tests in the water to a serious build-up for a crowdfunding campaign. After the core of the team was formed, we launched our online media during the holiday season, and introduced ourselves to the public in style, dressing Sebastjan up as Santa to deliver some cheer to downtown Ljubljana.

By March the media had picked up on our videos on Vimeo and the first few articles started trickling in. It was time to submit our campaign to Kicktarter. As soon as we got approval, we planned our launch date on 14 April, and the rest is history: 284 backers saw the potential of SipaBoards and helped us found our company. We’ll always have you in our hearts.

Since the end of our campaign we’ve opened up our online store and continued with sales. Now we’re just counting the days to ship our first batch of the world’s first self-inflating, jet-propelled SUP. It’s been a truly incredible year, and we have so many people to thank.

We also have some cool new things we’re working on, so stay tuned for more. Here’s to several more years!

The first serial number!

The first serial number!