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Inflatable is good, but self-inflatable is best

Developments in the market in recent years have made it clear that the inflatable paddlesports segment is not merely a passing fad but a trend that is here to stay. While the Sipaboards team is always interested in trendspotting and staying up to date with developments in the industry, we’re also quick to abandon a […]

The story of Sipaboards

One day our founder, Sebastjan, had quite a scare when paddling with his family, when his daughter had a hard time paddling back to shore. He knew that this type of situation could be avoided in the future by following the idea of electric bikes and building an electric motor into a paddle board. As […]

Santa on a Sipaboard

The holidays filled us with the spirit to bring a bit of joy to the world. What better way than by shooting a short promotional video in the heart of Slovenia’s capital, right there on the Ljubljanica river. While his reindeer were taking a well-deserved break, the rest of us were amazed at how Santa came […]

How it all got started

We got the idea for Sipaboards on vacation one summer. On a calm, peaceful day, Saša and the girls took their SUPs in hand and set out for a cruise around a beautiful little inlet. There was no trouble paddling off from the shore, and they were having the time of their lives. When they […]