How Hard Is It to Start Standup Paddleboarding?

With a few simple pointers in mind hitting the water for the first time is a breeze, just like the breeze that SipaBoards will help you take on and conquer.


SipaBoards make SUPing so easy this fearless 8-month pregnant soon-to-be mother stood up on her first board and paddled off.

Stand up – spending your first few minutes SUPing on your knees is perfectly normal. It gives you a feel for the board’s buoyancy and for the strength you need to move your board with agility. This can depend on where you are getting onto your board: if you are launching from a dock and your SUP is below your, you might find it easier to just step on and skip the knees.

Look forward – Now that you’re on your feet, your legs might be wobbling a bit. Looking down is only going to make your legs start shaking even more. Calmly take a deep breath and look up, pick out a point on the horizon to make as your destination, and your flapping legs will calm themselves down automatically. It’s a good metaphor for life, too: don’t look at where you are, but at where you want to be. Now that you’re stable, spread your feet to shoulder-width, and slightly bend your knees.


Not a bad-looking horizon, huh?

Not a bad-looking horizon, huh?

Elbows down – Now we said standup paddleboarding is easy, but good form makes it even easier. You’ll have plenty of time to work on good form, so let’s just mention one aspect that is extremely important for avoiding injury, namely keeping your elbow down. In the initial part of your stroke and the pull, make sure you keep your top elbow below your shoulder, otherwise too much strain is placed on your rotator cuff, which, in short, isn’t good.

That’s all there is to your first time on the water: start on your knees if you feel more comfortable, look out at the horizon once you’re up to keep balance, and make sure your elbow never goes above your paddle. You’ll see that paddleboarding is anything but hard – especially if you have the right people out on the water with you 😉

Stay tuned for next week’s blog when we talk about how important it is to choose your first SUP – you’ll be paddling with it for a long time.

SUPing with a SipaBoard is so easy even your kids can master it

SUPing with a SipaBoard is so easy even your kids can master it