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SipaBoards: Inspired by changing weather and 80s crime series


Remember KITT, the iconic 1982 Pontiac Trans Am? Hoff’s trusted sidekick, all buzzed up with gear and gadgets that always helped up Michael when he was backed into a corner? Add some MacGyver to the mix and you’ll get the basic TV programme our engineers were watching when growing up. Now, for the weather part ...

SipaBoards are in no doubt a game changing product on the market. Self inflating, LED lit, electric and smart, they bring a lot of innovation into stand-up paddling. Now, while you still can’t call one of our boards through your wrist watch like Hoff could, it is the only SUP that can help you out of a tricky situation, when the weather changes :)

What’s with the weather, anyway?

What’s with the weather, anyway? Well, if you intend to go out on a paddleboard, you need to know and understand the conditions. Be mindful, even if the weather is OK, it can change and you should always plan your rides according to the forecast. Even if the weather isn’t ideal, you should consider your surroundings and check: 1. Wind direction If there is a considerable (one you can detect) and steady offshore wind, understand that it will be easier going out than getting back in. If the offshore wind is gusty or picking up, you might reconsider your ride, chances are you’ll be pushed out. If the winds aren’t blowing out to open sea, adjust your ride direction to start against the wind and come back with it. 2. Rain (or snow) If you like it wetter than most, rain or snow can be fun times to go out and immerse into the SUP experience. But only go out if you know your area well and there is a zero risk of lightning (a carbon oar is never a clever idea on a still lake in a storm). 3. Tides When tides turn, so do the currents and you can get pulled out of your way quickly. Another thing is that tides can change inshore areas. You can get stranded or cot out of your way, having to return on a different route or even by foot. 4. Traffic Maritime traffic is regulated and stand-up paddlers should steer clear of any boats. We stand-up paddlers are not very visible to boats due to our very small surface and move much slower than other vehicles in traffic lanes. Always make sure that you are in the “pedestrian” zone. 5. Gear You should always check your board and your gear before going out. Check the vents, inspect how the safety leash is attached, screw in your fin, check if the paddle is firmly set to the desired height. For electric SUP fanatics, also make sure you go out with full batteries and that your remote is working. 6. Are YOU set? Make sure you are energised and ready to hit it! Go out fresh, stretch first, wear sunscreen, keep your water close and push out for an epic ride. You’re the one getting the work done!

Mind the offshore winds and make sure you don't get pulled too much out into the open.

If however the weather starts changing, turn around, turn the engine up and power back to safety - SipaDrive® has your back all the way. If you’re thinking of buying a motor assisted SUP, ours are the best ones out there. And it’s an electrifyingly great experience, having faster rides, longer tours and safe returns. Stay safe & Keep on paddling!


Motorized electric standup paddle board

Go electric

Motorized electric standup paddle board

There is no denying that electrically propelled vehicles are on the rise. Even though the first electric car practically came before Karl Benz’s car, it took more than 100 years for the segment to really kick up a gear. Now, you can look around and see cities whirring with e-bikes, e-scooters, e-cars, hover-boards and new flicks rolling in on a monthly basis. So where does that lead the surf industry? Why buy an electric SUP? For anyone who has ever inflated a 10.6-inch SUP with an air pump, the answer comes easy. For us at SipaBoards, electricity is as generic as blood flowing through our veins when we set out on the water. But making the board self inflating was just a practical add on to what the SipaDrive® is really about. And that is - having your back when the weather turns and helping you get back safely.

So, why a motor engine on a SUP?

Our CEO, Sebastjan, had the idea at the exact same time most engineers have the best ones - while on vacation. Those who love to surf are in love with nature. So why, would we take something as natural as paddling on a surf and put an engine in it? It is a good question, we’ll admit. There is however more than one adequate answer to it - the first one coming from a personal experience that gave birth to SipaBoards. Years ago, when SipaBoards founder and owner Sebastjan was watching his wife and kids paddling out the coast on a sunny island, he saw the strain and effort that was taking them to battle the current while getting back to the shore. They got back just fine, but there was less fun and excitement in it that there should be. So, after a few rounds of how’s and why’s, the first prototype was afloat. But stopping there would be the same as if Karl Benz stopped with his first model in 1885. So the engine was put to use as an air compressor which inflated the SUP in minutes. Then a LED light option followed as an add on and soon after the Drive System was followed by the Air System SUP collection.

Where will it take us?

SipaBoards Systems are a concept shaping a new branch in the surf industry and as the leader in the division we will go on paddling even further. The boards we produce are lighter and more durable with each new collection and our engineers keep on optimizing our batteries and propulsion systems to give even more juice to each stroke you make. Keep on paddling!