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getting back into shape with paddleboarding

Getting back into shape with paddleboarding

getting back into shape with paddleboarding
Paddleboarding - your daily exercise can be an awesome hobby you loved to do in your free time

March and spring are here. I can already smell it 😊 One of the best things about spring are warmer sunny days and working out in nature. Everything is waking up, the whole nature and so do we – people. Getting back into shape after winter can be hard and not funny at all. But what if you try something new, something else this year? What if your daily exercise can be an awesome hobby you loved to do in your free time? That would be perfect, right? Join us and try getting back into shape workout with paddleboarding!

Why getting back into shape

Your body was winter sleeping. And that is ok, our bodies are made to go into so called hibernation for the whole winter. But when spring comes, the nature starts to waking up and slowly starts to bloom. The same process starts with us. Because of the sunny, warmer and longer days we start to get out in the nature more and every spring we try getting back in shape.

Getting back in shape is good for physical and mental health. We need to wake up the whole body, soul and mind from winter coziness.

Getting back into shape workout plan

Making a plan can be very useful. Most people need some kind of motivator – even if its just a good work out plan. Schedule your work out and stick to it.

You have a lot of different work out that can help you get back into shape – walking, cycling, running, hiking, yoga,… and stand up paddle boarding. Have you ever tried it?

Stand up paddle boarding is an excellent full-body workout, meaning, it works all the muscles in your body – your shoulders, chest, back, core, arms and legs. And while you’re getting fit, you get to be outside, in the sun, enjoying beautiful views and the sounds of nature. For paddle board workout you only need a good stable stand up paddle board.

Getting back into shape workout plan
Making a plan can be very useful.

Simply paddle boarding

Taking a leisure paddle around your local spot can burn a surprising number of calories and help you getting back to shape. A casual paddle will burn over 400 calories in an hour (burns twice the number of calories you’d burn on a moderate paced walk). Easy and nice paddle board workout is also for beginners.

Easy and nice paddle board workout
Easy and nice paddle board workout with your dog

Sup yoga

Everyone knows that SUP Yoga is calming, but it’s also an exhilarating mind-body workout that combines strengthening and muscle toning. An energetic yoga flow can burn around 500 calories in an hour. The intensity of your yoga practice depends on the form of yoga you choose - hatha and iyengar yoga are gentle and slow, bikram (hot yoga) and power yoga are more intensive and challenging. If you want getting back into shape fast, Bikram and power yoga will be the best option for you. If you’re new to SUP yoga, you can check out beginner 10 Paddle Board Yoga Poses for help. So here you have, another awesome paddle board workout.

SUP yoga for everyone
SUP Yoga is calming, but it’s also an exhilarating mind-body workout

HIIT with a Paddle Board

HIIT is shorter for high intensity interval training and it generally combine short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise. If we take HIIT workout and mix it with paddleboarding, a session would look like this:

  • 5 minutes slow paddling warm-up
  • 15 minutes high intensity Stand-up Paddling
  • 15 minutes low intensity Stand-up Paddling
  • 3 minutes rest
  • 15 minutes high-intensity Stand-up Paddling
  • 15 minutes low-intensity Stand-up Paddling
  • 5 minutes slow paddling cool-down

The harder and faster you paddle, the more intense this workout is. With the session above you can burn approximately 1000 calories - depending on your effort.

We think HIIT with paddle board in one of the best ways for getting back into shape workout you must try this spring!

HIIT paddleboarding
Getting back into shape workout you must try this spring - HIIT paddleboarding

Getting back in shape – paddle board workout for experienced paddlers

If you are very good at paddleboarding and you would like to have a little more challenging and harder exercises, you need to try sup crossfit and sup surfing.

Sup crossfit: Crossfit is a series of high intensity workouts that incorporates elements from different types of sports and exercises. For sup crossfit you combined paddle boarding with a standard crossfit routine. If you want to lose weight and get toned fast, doing a SUP crossfit routine 3 days in a week will do the trick. You will easily burn over 1,500 calories on each session.  You can use all types of paddle boards (Inflatables, Epoxy, Soft) for a SUP Crossfit.

An example of a SUP crossfit routine (repeat 2-3 times):

  • Warm up with a 10 min paddle
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 sit ups
  • 10 box jumps
  • 10 burpees
  • High Intensity Paddle for 5 min
  • 10 lunges
  • 10 rope jumps
  • High Intensity Paddle for 5 min

Sup surfing: SUP surfing is one of the most thrilling ways to get fit with a paddle board. Just like regular surfing, SUP surfing is an incredible full-body workout. You can burn around 700 calories in an active one-hour sup surf session. The bigger the waves - the harder you work and more calories you burn. Sup crossfit or sup surfing, both paddle board workouts will make your body move.

Summary: why you need to try getting back into shape with paddleboarding this spring

Warmer longer days are ahead of us and we are full of positive energy and good vibes ready for some fun activities in nature. Getting back into shape will be more fun than ever, if you try it with stand up paddle board workout. You will burn calories, move every muscle in the body, souk the sun and get some vitamin D, enjoy the nature and had an amazing time.

Go alone, call your best friends or arrange a date for your girlfriend/boyfriend – just go and have fun 😊


Standup paddling with dog

Sebastjan Sitar: An interview with the founder of SipaBoards

Standup paddling with dog
Sebastjan seldomly paddles alone. Most tours, you’ll see his 90 pound buddy Iks at the bow.

Most great outdoor brands are connected to the personal experience of their founders, because behind them are stories that gave lives to ideas and innovation. One such is the  CEO of SipaBoards and founder Sebatjan Sitar, who had the unusual idea of putting an electric motor on a SUP.

Turning tides bring in new ideas

Now in the early 2010s inflatable SUPs were new to the market and easy storage and use quickly grew in popularity. Because, what's not to love right? Great exercise, serenity in nature, a new way to explore and overall - a lot of fun. Being quick to try new things and new sports Sebastjan and their family were vacationing in Croatia, when an easy paddle almost turned into a rescue mission.

His wife and daughter were paddling over a bay, when a falling tide grabbed them. Battling the water stream they eventually got on the other side of the bay.

Sebastjan understood then that the SUP industry has a flaw and that many users might find themselves in a situation where a "helping pair of hands" could make a difference in terms of paddler safety. When a user is pulled out by a tide or current, or blown out by an offshore wind, no leash or PFD will help them get back.

Sitting down now, 6 years later we take a look back on how SipaBoards came to be, what's new and how the future of SUP could look like.

Inventor by nature

Q: Some people have their eureka moments, but SipaBoards wasn't your first invention. What brought together sports and innovation for you to create the first motorised SUP?

S: Well, I was always keen on engineering, I must have gotten it from my father. He once built a car home (laughs), we made some snowboards in the late 1980s, we built a lot of unusual things. And for me it was always interesting looking at how things work, how they could work better.

SipaBoards design
Sebastjan and Žiga designed the initial prototype for the now patented SipaBoards electric SUP board.

When I was actively invested in sports I innovated on sports gear. Later when I was helping my wife with her café, I came up with the idea of a spring wallet that is today known and patented as the Eurowallet and still sells all over the Eurozone. And then came SipaBoards.

Q: Right, the "World's first SUP with an electric jet motor". An invention still raising eyebrows to those wondering what good is a motor on a board that should be paddled. How do you tackle that question?

S: Haha, it's a common question. Even most people who are buying their second or third SipaBoard had them at first. Because when people think about sports, they think about fun. No one thinks about helmets when they go skiing or cycling. But both sports have been around for a while now and we've seen what good a helmet does and it's a commonality now. The first great confirmation that an electric SUP board is indeed an invention with added value for the paddler was the Red Dot Award.

When you go out with a SUP, you don't think about winds or currents too much, or at least most people don't. And that thinking can get you in trouble.  Also, people have different physical capabilities and paddling can be a different experience for a child, an adult or an elderly.

The motor is there to help you. It's on and off and it will not take anything away from your paddling. But, it will be easier for families to go paddling with their kids. Or grandkids. And whenever you're surprised by a tide, a current or wind, the motor is there to help you back. So, it's easier but still as much an exercise as any other board. It's safer. It's more fun because you can go faster, further and discover more. And when you need peace and quietness, you just turn it off and enjoy.

CEO of SipaBoards and founder Sebastjan Sitar
Sebastjan Sitar in the action

eSUP could well be the next eBike

Q: So kind of like an e-bike on the sea?

S: That's a common analogy and with electric mobility being one of the global megatrends, we see more and more similarities between eSUP and eBikes. Battery autonomy has become a regular question. We are improving the riding experience, adding reach to our boards and like so many other electric motor gadgets, eSUP is growing in popularity.

Q: Do you see the electric SUP segment growing?

S: Yes, no doubt. On one hand, the iSUP segment rapidly over the last years and is slowly coming into a mature market phase. There will be growing numbers of new paddlers opting for better boards, looking to more expensive brands and innovative solutions to upgrade their experience.

We see more and more interest from different media, reviewers are lining up and the demand for the boards is in a steady growth. As a company we're also looking for ways to electrify the market and offer our systems to other top shelf brands. We're proud to be going into the second year of cooperation with Jobe, who are already pushing out their first generation of electric SUPs. Also, there’s a growing number of innovative products following our win in the outdoor segment at ISPO.

Q: Do you spend a lot of time on the water?

S: I try to go out as much as possible - whatever time of year. One thing is that you have to test what you make, but also, standup paddling has become a part of my life and lifestyle. So having a self inflatable electric SUP in the van at all times, can help (laughs). But also, sport has always been big for me. From skiing, to hiking and running, to running a sports store and now a sports goods and equipment company. I like to keep my head as fresh as possible.

standup paddling with family
Stand up paddling with family

Electrifying the future of SUP

Q: Great to hear you walk the talk. Have you ever had a special endeavour on a SUP? Did you do it with a motor or without?

S: Well, having these SUPs always pushes us to go out for more. I paddle with my family a lot and after 6 years we're paddling, there were many situations where we couldn't have done a tour without a motor. People just go all in on these boards. We have users reporting 30 - 40 km rides on a single tour, which is a lot.

Q: Do SipaBoards hold a competitive edge? There are some mount-on alternatives available on the market.

S: We keep a close eye on the incoming innovations, and the ones that exist are - as said - mount ons. Having propellers instead of jets creates drag and tangles all sorts of debris into the rotor. Also there's battery life. Mount-ons usually pack smaller batteries and offer less autonomy, range or speed. Plus, none of them will inflate the board for you.

Q: What does the future hold for SipaBoards? More motors, more boards, more compressors?

S: A bit of all I think. But at our core we are a maritime propulsion company and will continue developing high end electric jet motors with different functions. We are already driving down the noise, adding speed and range and there's still so much we can do with the original SipaDrive before adding new features. We plan to launch the Dual+ Battery SipaDrive Concept in the 2023 season and that will already be a huge improvement over the first generation.