An Australian Review of SipaBoards

I decided to buy the SipaBoard Drive, because it is a self inflating SUP. I had a inflatable SUP before, but was getting tired of pumping all the time, I felt already pretty exhausted before I actually went paddling. Furthermore, little pumps from outdoor stores or hardware stores didn’t do the job of completely inflating the SUP, so the hard work still had to be done by me.

The best benefit of the SipaBoards Drive line is that it is handy, easy to use, of course self inflating and on top of it, it has the drive to assist paddling.

The board feels great on the water! Flat water, with some little waves are the best environment for the board. Have a nice steady pace, and you get a great workout. I use the board here in Australia only in Bays, or near the shore or river mouths, therefore I get changing winds and currents. So I switch on the SipaDrive to assist me paddling against headwinds or currents.

I´d say the board is perfect for recreational use, if you want to go offshore on the ocean, a longer, narrower raceboard 12-14ft is better, because it has less drag itself. Even though I have chosen the Cruiser with the pointed tip, the board has a lot of drag. Like I said, its not made for racing, but you can get a decent pace.

I would definitely recommend a SipaBoard to friends, and if you don´t need the drive, the SipaBoardAir is even easier and faster to use. More convenient, no fiddling around with the drive and the hose.

Lars Krowarsch


Our reviewer is enjoying his SipaBoards at Elliot Heads, Queensland.