Posted: 21. January, 2022
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Are paddle boards worth the money?

Are paddle boards worth the money

Stand up paddle boarding is now one of the most popular water-based sports in the world. It is the best sport for adventuring and even fishing. When people ask, are paddle boards worth the money, the answer is clear – yes, they are. A paddle board is an investment that can be used for years! If paddle boarding is something you plan on doing often, it’s worth the extra money to get something really good. In 2022 the world of paddle boarding is becoming motorized. A new dimension of paddling with motorized paddle board is safer, faster and more exciting. So, if you are still asking us, are paddle boards worth the money, read all the key benefits of quality paddle board.

What kind of paddle board should I buy?

There are different kinds of paddle board you can buy – inflatable paddle board, hard paddle board or self-inflatable/motorized paddle board. It is relative to what you want to do with your paddle board and the types of water you want to ride in – sea, lakes. All of paddle boards have their advantages and disadvantages. So, the choice is based on many factors like weight, durability, portability, etc.

Inflatable paddle board: The fact that they are inflatable means, they can be easily stored and transported (in the car or in their bag) to the nearest stretch of water. You don’t need roof racks or a big garage. An inflatable board is ideal and works great in all conditions, it is also great for a first-time paddler/beginner. If you plan to travel a lot with your paddle board, an inflatable will be the best choice because it is easy to take wherever your adventure takes you.

Hard paddle board: Hard paddle boards are more expensive and performance orientated in the SUP world. If you are buying a board mainly for SUP surfing or racing, certain technical attributes of hardboards make them worthy of consideration. But don’t forget that hard boards take up a lot of storage space.

Self-inflatable / motorized paddle board: Self-inflatable paddle boards are equipped with a Self Inflate System, that inflates the board to its optimal pressure in minutes. You don’t have to worry about the pressure and you don’t have to pump. Motorized paddle boards are paddle boards with integrated electric motor which can also be used as pump. Because of the motor you can go faster, further and you can paddle more safer.

How much is a good quality paddle board?

The average price of a paddleboard is about $300 to $500 for the lower-end ones. The cost increases to $1,500-$2,500 for the really high-end paddleboards. You can find inflatable paddle board for as cheap as $180 because they have a lower price point then hard boards. But if you want quality inflatable paddle board, you can find a good one around $1000.

Why are stand up paddle boards so expensive?

A paddle board is an investment that can be used for years. If paddle boarding is something you plan on doing often, then paddle board is worth the extra money to get something good. Not all inflatable paddle boards are made equal. The differences are in construction & technology, durability, deflating value, lack of versatility, quality accessories.

Things to watch out for when buying paddle board

When asking yourself are paddle boards worth the money, you need to watch out for these basic things.

Thickness – SUP boards range from 4 to 6 inches thick. Whilst the 4 inch boards will be fine, they do sit closer to the water. The heavier you are the more likely you are to get your feet wet! For beginners, a board anywhere between 4-6 inches deep will be more sturdy and easier to get started.

Length – there’s so many different board lengths! For an all rounder board when you’re starting out, go for the 10’6 or 10’8 depending on your weight and height. These will be the best ‘all rounders’ when starting out and provide a nice balance between stability and maneuverability.

Width – the wider the board, the more stable it will be. Boards which are narrow in the middle tend to be better for racing or touring. Beginners will need a wider board to begin with. Generally, something around 32 inches wide should be sufficiently stable. Many people will make the mistake of upgrading a board too early. It’s better to learn on a board that is suitable for learning and making mistakes on, rather than a board you later come to dislike spending time on because it’s too unstable for you when you start out.

Weight – Now, if you’re just planning on pumping your board up by the car and dropping it in the canal straight at the side of you, you can kind of discount this. But if you’re planning to go on an adventure with your paddle board then check the weight of the board. It is also recommended to check the weight of the whole package especially if you’re walking or catching public transport.

Fin setup (one vs three) – different boards have different fin systems. Some have one main middle fin, some have three finds in a V formation. Generally, the one fin setup is better for touring, tracking and long journeys, and the three fins are better for all round paddling and especially surfing.

How easy is it to get parts – Make sure the place you’re purchasing from or the brand you’re buying from is reputable if you can. Sorting any issues and being able to get hold of new parts saves a lot of money in the long run as we don’t want boards to just be used for one summer season. Always try to consider your new board as an investment for a long run.

Buying quality paddle board is an investment - buy well, buy once!

A quality motorized standup paddle board

Are cheaper paddle boards worth the money?

No, because you get what you pay for. Of course, we all want to jump on it, when we see a chance to save some money but don’t forget that buying quality paddle board is an investment. It is true that cheap paddle boards are great for beginners, they will save you money if you break them and you can try a range of styles by buying cheap paddle boards. But with cheap paddle boards, you also buy cheap quality which can lead you to wrong PSI – it may be lower or higher than recommended, they may be less durable, less comfort and they can be much slower.

6 reasons - why are paddle boards worth the money

There are 6 reasons that you need to know, when asking are paddle boards worth the money.

1.Quality – better quality, higher price. Quality materials usually cost more so paddle boards made of high quality material are also slightly more expensive.

2.Technology – the market use either single or double layer “dropstitch”, which refers to how the material that forms the top and bottom skin of the board is connected by threads, giving the board it’s shape and structure. Depending on the technology chosen, the price can be very different too.

3.Durability – It’s no good if it starts falling apart after just a season, you want it to last. Not only does this not look great and it can cost you more money, it could also be dangerous. Better quality, longer durability.

4.Quality accessories – If you’re looking to buy a cheap, low quality paddle board, it’s likely you’ll also find that it’s not just the board that falls apart. To keep the price point as low as possible the manufacturer will probably have to choose low quality of ever thing else that comes along with the paddle board – the bag you put it paddle board in, the paddle and the pump.

5.New and improved systems – with the new and improved systems in technology boards have better quality, longer durability and deflating value. But this is only possible if manufacturer puts more money in the process of making the board.

6.After sales services – once you have your paddle board, you may have some questions about the board, accessories and other stuff. So, it is very important that you check how the after sales services is organized at the company that you bought the board.

Can I buy motorized paddle board, even if I am a beginner?

Yes, electric paddle board / motorized paddle board is also made for beginners. Because of all the pros and advantages that they have, is even more recommended to buy this kind of paddle board for people who will paddle for the first time.

Motorized paddle boards are the future - they are safer and more stable.

motorized paddle boards are growing in popularity
In 2022 motorized paddle boards are growing in popularity

How much is the motorized paddle board?

It depends of the model you want to buy. Prices vary according to size, use, etc. You can find a good one from $1.990 and on. They are more expansive in comparison with normal stand up paddle boards because of the motor / built-in Paddle Assist System technology and all the accessories that comes along.

Are motorized paddle boards worth the money?

Yes, for sure. They have so many advantages like self-inflating, help when you need one from built-in Paddle Assist System technology – if you get tired or if a stream of water carries you away, they are safer and more stable. It really helps you with a lot of different situations on the water. Motorized paddle boards are the new generation of SUPs.

5 advantages of motorized paddle boards

As we already said, motorized paddle boards have so many different advantages and benefits. Below we are explaining, why motorized paddle boards are better than normal paddle boards and why they are worth all the money.

Self-inflating – paddle boards are equipped with a Self-Inflate System that inflates the board to its optimal pressure in minutes. More paddling fun, zero pumping.

Better stability on the water – with a patented built-in Paddle Assist System technology motorized paddle boards are more stable on the water and therefor even beginners can use them without a problem.

You can paddle faster – with a patented built-in Paddle Assist System technology our motorized paddle boards SipaBoards have 3 speed settings: 3 hours at cruising speed of 2 knots or 1 hour at max speed 3.5 knots.

You can ride further – our SipaBoards motorized paddle boards with a built-in Paddle Assist System technology can make you explore and find places you have been only dreaming about.

Paddling is safer – Yes, it is. With the water being unpredictable you know that you can always came back safe with a little help from your friend – our motor SipaDrive: built-in Paddle Assist System.

Are paddle boards worth the money – conclusion

Yes, they are. Especially if you take this advice – buy well, buy once. Cheap paddle boards may appear attractive at first, but the low quality materials and construction mean that not only is their performance far inferior to their more expensive counterparts but they are also far less durable. So now, you no longer have to ask yourself, are paddle boards worth the money, only do I buy normal or motorized paddle board?

Motorized paddle boards SipaBords are the first and the best motorized paddle boards in the world. We are focused on using the very best materials and innovative technology to ensure quality is the most important thing for us. We are passionate about creating an authentic paddling experience for everyone who loves stand up paddle boarding. With first motorized paddle board in the world. We put paddling in the whole new dimension.

Motorized paddle boards are the future – they are safer and more stable. See our awesome video below!