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Training with SUP

No matter what your thoughts on CrossFit are, we can all agree that cross training is one of the most important parts of comprehensive fitness. Swimmers go for a run, bodybuilders climb or go rowing, and, perhaps most famously, football players even take ballet classes. Increasingly, though, even professional athletes are turning to paddleboarding to […]

Older couple recreation

When you think of “old couple”, doing sports together, or even any recreation at all, is not one of the first things that comes to mind. Most sports are so intense that, sadly, old age makes it pretty hard to participate. Paddleboarding with SipaBoards is the perfect thing. Resistance One of the biggest health problems […]

SipaBoards Team trips

Over the years the SipaBoards team has travelled all over the world for a bunch of different reasons. We’ve had meetings about construction abroad, tested our boards at dedicated facilities, scoured the land for great rivers and lakes to SUP on, and, of course, showed off the smartest and hottest SUP on the water to […]

The World’s First Self-Inflating SUP with Paddle Assist

It’s amazing how a tiny bit of tech can take something great and make it something incredible. A few innovations from SipaBoards, the company that makes the smartest SUPs on the water, turn paddleboarding from a fun type of recreation to a way of life. SipaBoards gives you two tools that every paddler will find […]