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Stand-Up Paddling: Fun, sport or adventure?

If you follow us, you must be into paddling in some way. What was at one moment a spin-off out of classical wave-surfing, became one of the fastest growing surf activities of the late decade. But, stand up paddling goes back into history – way back. Its history can be traced to a thousand years […]

Stand up paddle: history and future

Getting up on a board, standing up for the first time and sinking your paddle into the water to push yourself forward seems something completely new, yet almost natural. Taking up a short cut over the river or a bay, goes back thousands of years. Out guess is that standing up on a vessel and […]

Go Electric

Where did it start? There is no denying that electrically propelled vehicles are on the rise. Even though the first electric car practically came before Karl Benz’s car, it took more than 100 years for the segment to really kick up a gear. Now, you can look around and see cities whirring with e-bikes, e-scooters, […]

Electric SUP Sipaboards review

We got the inflatable Sipaboards SUP surfboard for 2 weeks in for our Electric SUP Sipaboards review including unboxing video and test rides. This was our second review after the Blue Drive fin and more should follow very soon. Scubajet and others have promised to send test samples once available. With about 1,800 EUR the […]