SipaBoards Review from US – My Wife and I Love It!

I wanted to give SipaBoards a quick review of your product and why my wife and I love it!

The initial attraction to SipaBoards SUP was its portability to water – we have homes on the Kanawha River in Charleston, West Virginia and the Atlantic Ocean in Charleston, South Carolina – therefore being able to stick our Sipas in the trunk was a deal maker for us. We thought that would be the best benefit from your product until we got caught in fast moving tide with a headwind to get back from where we came one trip, that’s when the motor drive really proved its worth. An added bonus of the drive is if your paddling beside someone you’d rather not you can roll out pretty quickly!

The boards are great on the water, very stable and easy to balance. We need not use the motor drive at all unless we find ourselves against a strong current or headwind conditions. I feel compelled to mention that we had an issue with our drive and SipaBoards’ customer service was exemplary in getting my motor checked out and returned at no cost to me. I would (and do!) highly recommend to anyone in the SUP market to pull the trigger on a SipaBoards.

Willie Lively