Posted: 27. October, 2021
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REVIEWED BY: SUP Boarder Online

SipaDrive SUP motor

As we're already wrapping up the finishing works on the second generation of SipaDrive, word on the features and upgrades is getting out. The new boards (available in 2023) will push the benchmark of electric SUP exploration to new horizons.
Lighter build, quicker models, better battery autonomy add more. New horizons, safe returns!

Make sure you read the entire review that SupBoarder did on the link:

What's new with the electric SUP?

The next generation the SipaDrive electric jet motor will be upgraded with a special new Dual+ Battery pack, which will allow a modular power configuration. We are already working on improving the propeller and the jet shaft. The new component will improve the motor's efficiency and raise the speed for 10 - 15%. The new generation will be quieter with the new click-in top cover and sealing.

The paddle assist system developed by SipaBoards is a long standing benchmark of our products, awarded the Red Dot Design Award in the category Best of the Best and is a CE certified product.

Keep on paddling!