The SipaBoards Fisherman is the board that takes you to where the fish are biting. You’ll be in your element, casting and reeling in all day. To catch some bigger fish you’ll turn the motor on and paddle, fixing your fishing pole to trawl behind you on your way.

We worked extensively with fishing and paddleboarding professionals to give them exactly the SUP they asked for. The SipaBoards Fisherman is IT!

  • Sturdy and stable on the water, with plenty of room for gear

  • Compact, easily transportable when deflated, all-in-one design

  • Self-inflation, so you can focus on the fish and not pumping

  • A quiet but powerful, eco-friendly motor for paddle assist

Lots of room for accesories

The Fisherman gives you an oversized surface, so you can lean, stretch, and move around as you see fit. Its extra volume gives you plenty of stability when reeling in bigger fish, and it means you can take a big cooler or tackle box with you. Extra rings give you plenty of options for strapping, tying, affixing, dropping anchor, and much more.

Pump & Go

The compressor gets you up and running and the barely audible motor gives you an extra boost to follow the fish anywhere, without scaring them off. Emission-free means you can take it on any body of water.

Bring your gear

With a volume of 320L and a max weight capacity of over 300lbs/140kgs, the Fisherman can hold any cooler or tackle box you need, as well as all your poles. Take whatever you need as it takes you to your favorite fishing hole.

Light your way

LED illumination underneath your board opens up a whole world of night fishing. Paddle longer and more safely into the night, with the terrain and anything swimming by brilliantly lit up below you.


Highly efficient jet engine


Built in LED lights – optional


High quality dual layered drop stitch


Double reinforced rails


Extra rings for all your accessories and carrying safety leash


Fiberglass paddle blade


Three-piece collapsable carbon paddle


SipaDrive remote

The heart of every SipaBoard is a jet propulsion engine with an integrated compressor – the SipaDrive. This pumps up your SUP for you in less than 5 minutes, and then makes it smoother and more stable when you get going. Our jet-propulsion system is hidden inside the plastic housing built into the board, virtually eliminating drag when the engine is off and you want to paddle yourself. The SipaDrive is emission-free and barely audible, so you can take it even on protected waters and enjoy the peace and quiet. It provides 3 hours of fully assisted cruising at a speed of 2 knots.

Safe and Easy

All boards feature our safety and carry – dual purpose leash. Not only is it there to keep you and your board together and safe on the water, but it also functions as a shoulder strap for easy transport.


    All SipaBoards come with a high quality, durable, easy to use board bag that lets your board air out while already packed.

Extra Durable

Dropstitch technology joins the top and bottom layers of the SUP with thousands of filaments, making for a rock-hard SUP that you cannot overinflate. Double layer vinyl & reinforced edges increase board stiffness and speed on the water making this sup fast suitable for longer paddle adventures.

  1. Dropstitch core
  2. First layer of vinyl based fabric
  3. Second layer of vinyl based fabric
  4. Side reinforcements
  5. Comfortable EVA foam
  6. Durable outer edge

Swiss Quality Control

All boards are made of sturdy high quality materials and go through a Quality Control Check by our Swiss manufacturing partner.

Red Dot Award

SipaBoards received a prestigious Red Dot Design Award: Best of the Best 2015. A panel of globaly renowned and qualified design experts recognized our board as one of the special few (39) products among 4680 entries from 61 countries for its Concept Design and awarded us the higly valued Red Dot Best of the Best quality stamp.

SipaBoards Drive are available to order at a reduced price for a limited time so be sure to order yours soon.