Posted: 8. June, 2020
Category: News

Older couple recreation


When you think of “old couple”, doing sports together, or even any recreation at all, is not one of the first things that comes to mind. Most sports are so intense that, sadly, old age makes it pretty hard to participate. Paddleboarding with SipaBoards is the perfect thing.


One of the biggest health problems associated with old age is osteoporosis. The best exercise doctors know of to counteract the effects of osteoporosis are resistance exercises. This is traditionally done by attaching elastic bands to one of the limbs and to a fixed spot and gently doing abduction and adduction motions. Paddling is the ultimate resistance workout, both when going forward and when breaking. It’s a bit prettier setting than the doctor’s office, too 😉

Low impact

It might be obvious, but SUP is a low impact sport, and we definitely mean that in two ways. First off we mean the traditional definition of low-impact sport, in that it is not difficult on the joints and provides little shock to the skeletal system, which we already said gets a little more fragile the older we get. We also have falling in mind; as far as recreation for the elderly goes, there is nothing better to fall on than water.


One of the best features about SipaBoards for elderly paddlers is the self-inflation. We’re sure that if you ever saw your grandfather trying to pump up an inflatable paddleboard, you’d definitely take over for him. With SipaBoards, though, even grandma can pump up her board. After all, all she needs to do is press a button 😉


Just as we’re sure you’d prefer to see your grandparents go on a trip with an e-bike in case they need a little bit of help, we’d rather see our grandparents on a SUP with paddle assist. Sometimes conditions change rapidly and situations that healthy adults can handle with ease can become overwhelming for an older couple. With the SipaBoard’s dependable motor under their feet they can be assured that the shoreline is closer than ever before.


They say laughter is the true fountain of youth, and that those who are young at heart are young indeed. Well there are few things more fun and enjoyable than paddleboarding with someone who is close to you. The years will roll back for any couple who – hand in hand – paddles off to see what adventures still wait them. As Tennyson said, even old people have “one equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”