Posted: 8. June, 2020
Category: News

Paddleboarding In Italy: There’s Just No Better Way To Grab Your Coffee


The coast of Slovenia is small and beautiful, so it’s the explorer in me that wants to travel beyond its borders. But as soon as you cross them, parking becomes a problem. If I could give you one advice for the future, never park downtown in Italy would be it. It can get crowded. It will get crowded.

Grado is one of those picturesque towns in Northern Italy you want to visit just for a caffe. However, getting there is tricky unless you’re creative. Perhaps there’s room for a bicycle in your car. Or you thought this one through really well, so you’re travelling with a paddleboard in a trunk.

If so, you’d be travelling with style, just like me.

Last time I visited Grado I did so with a paddleboard. I parked outside of town and avoided costs & crowds by taking somewhat unconventional route even for a coastal town. Unconventional was also the self-inflating paddleboard. While the sup was inflating I was able to put on sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat. There. I was ready to paddle.

Arriving downtown on water is an adventure. There’s no better way to shoot a selfie, no better way to enjoy paddling and no better way to grab your coffee. Next time I’ll order caffe to go and paddle further. It’s so exciting.