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Air Allrounder

This wide bodied classic is our bestseller for good reason. Cut out for cruising or pure joy, it is large enough to carry two lighter paddlers and keep its stability and manoeuvrability.

Product includes

The original smart SUP

Equipped with an integrated compressor

Lightweight and durable

High density dropstitch MSL core iSUP

Inflated in minutes

Press the button and the engine does the job for you



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  • Product information

    This wide bodied classic has been our bestseller since day one. Cut out for cruising or pure joy, it is large enough to carry two lighter paddlers and keep its stability and manouverability while also offering a solid basis for some serious paddling.
    The Allrounder Air is made for paddlers who seek versatilty and like to try out different settings and learn different techniques. The extended width guarantees a good balance on water and the standing surface is covered with a low rise EVA foam that provides just enough grip to effortlessly glide over waters.

    Equipped with the SipaAir companion taking care of inflating the board, the Allrounder Air adds more freedom and lets you do whatever you want on the water. It’s also perfect for sharing – if you’re not sure whether your little tribe needs a single boards or a couple of them, start buidling the Sipaboards family with this model.

  • Compressor specifications

    The SipaAir is SipaBoards’ award winning, patented and CE certified fully-integrated integrated compressor. Fully waterproof and encased into heavy-duty polycarbonate, this smart system always inflates the board to perfect pressure. There is no need for inflation hoses as the air-vent is incorporated into the casing. If you accidentally run out of battery, there is always a second option of manual inflation via a standard air-vent atop the SipaAir. Setting up couldn’t be easier – just hold the air-vent’s cap to the connector on the compressor’s surface and a magnetic switch will start the inflation cycle.

    If the board loses pressure, simply start the inflation and the pressure sensor will automatically cut off the pump when the board is at its pre-programmed optimal pressure level.

  • Weight and dimensions

    Length: 11 feet (3.36 m)
    Width: 35.4 inches (90 cm)
    Thickness: 6 inches (15 cm)
    Volume: 340 l

  • The board is built from high quality monocoque structural laminates (MSL), with a V-shaped drop-stitch core.

    It is covered with standing surface of non-slip low rise EVA foam.

The best of both worlds.

The ideal board for the classic SUP lover. No manual pumping and all-manual paddling. Just like the original idea, but smarter. Cut the inflation time, skip the strain and devote the minutes before going out to gear inspection and warm up. The back-ache after getting your board to perfect pressure is now history.

A breath of fresh Air.

SipaAir can do more than just inflate your board. It can adjust and correct it to optimum, and work as a standalone compressor as well. Modify the settings in the app and inflate just about any toy in minutes. Fast to inflate and quick to recharge, the SipaAir is a welcome breeze on any vacation.

Our products are different.

Patented technology

As the only fully integrated jet-propelled self inflating standup paddleboard, SipaDrive® holds a full range of patents in the US and the EU. We are collaborating with the industry’s top brands, providing them with our technology and bringing our E-SUP technology to a wider market.

CE certified

Our processes are standardised and bear the CE administrative marking indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

Awarded where it matters

SipaBoards’ innovative design and technology have been recognized worldwide. Awards won: Red Dot Best of the Best Award (2015). ISPO Brand New Award (2016). ISPO GOLD Award (2016/17). 2018 Red Dot Design Ranking (2018, shared with Google, Vibram, Michelin and Daimler). Paddle Expo Coolest Gear Award (2018).

We're a different global tribe.

We're a different global tribe.

Sipabord in action

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You’ve got questions?

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The compressor will inflate the boards in 5 to 7 minutes, depending on the boards volume. It is capable to inflating the boards to 15 PSI (1 bar). If the pressure drops, you can always use the compressor to re-pressurise it to the pre-programmed pressure.

Yes, the battery capacity is below the 150Wh, so the compressor is cleared to fly under IATA guidelines. It is however always advisable to check with your air carrier if there are any restrictions regarding travelling with electronics and batteries. All SipaBoards systems are manufactured using fire retardant materials, making them as safe as possible for aircraft travelling.

Yes, the system has a standard air-vent that can be connected to the hose for infating other boards. With the app, you can even regulate the pressure to accomodate other inflatables’ internal pressure requirements. Bear in mind that each inflation cycle will discharge the battery and cause the compressor to heat up so it is advisable to take time between inflation cycles in to not overheat the unit.

The compressor will inflate the board from completely deflated to optimal pressure up to three times. After that, the charger will fill the battery in 2 hours.

When the compressor is inserted into the board, you should first hear a click, as the plastic clasp locks the unit. After that, remove the unscrew the blac cap of the air vent and press it gently onto the plastic bump on the right side of the compressor’s surface. The magnetic switch under the bump will turn the compressor on and start the inflation cycle.

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