Posted: 7. June, 2020
Category: News

The World’s First Self-Inflating SUP with Paddle Assist


It’s amazing how a tiny bit of tech can take something great and make it something incredible. A few innovations from SipaBoards, the company that makes the smartest SUPs on the water, turn paddleboarding from a fun type of recreation to a way of life.

SipaBoards gives you two tools that every paddler will find handy: self-inflation and jet-propelled paddle assist. With just one click to pump up your board and another click to give you a little boost when paddling, you will become an absolutely unstoppable paddleboarding force. Once you see what SipaBoards can do for your paddling sessions, you’ll never go back to an old-school iSUP. Keep reading to see why.

Pumping Pain

If you’ve ever manually inflated a paddleboard up to 15-18 psi, then I’m preaching to the choir when I say that, in a word, it sucks. Especially when it’s hot and muggy out, seriously pumping up a board can drain your will to live, let alone paddle. Those of us that don’t live by the water’s edge need to pump up our boards before every time we go paddling. Over the course of a whole season that can become a real bummer, even discouraging us from hitting the water when we might otherwise want to.

Ocean Paddling

Few things are as amazing as the early morning seaside paddling session. The sun has barely crept over the horizon and the water is still glassy and flat, as you cruise the coastline before anyone else is even awake.

Another great session is when the waves are perfect for SUP surfing. Paddle out and catch a wave and ride it all the way to shore.

The grey zone in between can be annoying, though, especially if you’re on a low-intensity day where you aren’t attacking the chop. If you’re just playing around on the water, the chop can flick you back and forth. Not anymore! Just turn on the lowest speed and be amazed how the power of momentum gives you unparallelled stability.

River Rides

Any river paddler knows well the allure of finding out what’s around the bend. Curiosity gets the best of us and we just have to see more. That’s awesome if the bend is downstream. But if it’s upstream, then we end up looking like this dog on a treadmill:

Yeah, we’re paddling, but we sure aren’t getting anywhere.

This is the perfect time to turn on your SipaDrive. You will maintain the distance you covered with each paddle stroke, instead of getting pushed slightly backwards every time. Trust me, you’ll still need to paddle to get upstream, but it is infinitely more rewarding with a little help to keep you in the right direction. Go on, go ahead and see what’s around the SECOND bend. We dare you 😉

Groups and Beginners

SipaBoards is the ultimate solution for beginners and those who paddle in groups of varying ability. One of the hardest things for beginners is finding their balance long enough to work on form. Just like in the choppy waves above, this is solved by just the slightest bit of momentum. Beginners can turn on the lowest speed setting and marvel as the board instantly becomes stable as a boat under their feet. At this point they will have to TRY to fall, and they can improve their technique with a firm hand helping them.

Groups will also find the SipaBoard a dream come true. Three different speed settings help everybody paddle together and get the absolute most out of their experience. Young kids, grandparents, even very pregnant mothers-to-be have gone on group sessions with SipaBoards, and stayed right next to their group the whole time.