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Interview with Luka Stepan, founder and creative director at Sito: design insights on the new generation of award-winning SipaBoards electric stand-up paddleboards.

Sito, an innovation and industrial design studio, has been a leading design partner in the leisure industry. Renowned for introducing radical innovations with minimal adoption risks, Sito creates products based on reliable insights into the needs of active lifestyle users. Their team excels at identifying genuine innovation opportunities, providing a solid foundation for groundbreaking developments rooted in real-world data.

SipaBoards and Sito share not only our home country but also a philosophy of offering users the best possible functionality and premium design. Therefore, it was only natural to build a partnership around our SipaBoards 2.0 collection. Here, we talk with Sito’s Luka Stepan about the story that brought us not only lots of enjoyment and pride but also a growing number of excited SipaBoards owners and users—and, not to be forgotten, a really nice award as well.

Tell us about your first steps in the SipaBoards project. What benefits and challenges did you encounter?
With SipaBoards, we aimed to reinforce a brand pioneering the e-SUP category. Our goal was to offer users solutions that simplify and enhance the experience compared to traditional, non-electrified SUPs. Much like e-bikes, our focus was not on speed but on comfort and range, catering to a different user group with distinct needs, expectations, and capabilities. This approach ensured that our innovations were groundbreaking, highly relevant, and valuable to the users.

How did the design process evolve from draft to final product?
We always approach products without preconceptions about what users and the industry expect. This mindset allows us to find opportunities that might not be obvious at first sight, thereby raising the quality of the end-user experience.

How satisfied were you with the final result?
The Sipaboards team exceeded our expectations in managing contractors and the supply chain. Despite the complexity of the design and some unconventional elements, they successfully implemented these to achieve optimal results. This dedication to quality and innovation is evident in the final product, which stands out in the market for its unique blend of functionality and style, not overly dominated by sportiness aesthetics.

What are your personal insights on the future of watersports and the role of electric SUPs?
Leisure activities on land and water share similar user expectations. The trend towards active leisure is growing, driven by the desire for physical and mental well-being. With an aging society, the need to stay active later in life becomes even more relevant, and electrification plays a crucial role in this. The e-SUP fits perfectly into this trend, offering an accessible and enjoyable way for people of all ages to stay active on the water.

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