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Weather you want to get a great workout, and paddle full on, without the use of jet engine, or you just want to cruise with full jet power, without paddling, or any combo in between, SipaDrive is the right choice! #standuppaddle #emobility #paddleboard #electricpropulsion #jet #jetski #tender #byboat #yachting #uae #uae🇦🇪 #dubai
Enjoying last warm autumn days...but the paddling season never ends for us. Or as Norwegians would put it: Det fins ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær.  There is no bad weather, just inapropriate clothing. But...bikini weather is still our favourite. Send us a picture of your autumn sup wear on Sipaboard, and  we have a gift for you😉👍! #standoutsupwear #sipaboards #paddleboard #paddleboardyoga #paddleboarding #sup #inflatable #edrive #gogreen #familyfun #autumn #fitness
With SipaDrive you can safely extend the range and explore further then ever before. This spot we found during the weekend and it is deep in the canyon, accessible only on water. And the best part is you can take the whole family with you. If the kids get too tired, the Drive jet unit will help them on the way back. And no worries, it has 3 speeds, so burn time is from 1 to 4h, more then enough for even the longest sessions.  #sup #summer #safetyfirst #paddlesports #familyfun #sportykids #inflatable #selfpropelled #electricscooter #electricsup #electricsurfboard
While the #rivers in #Slovenia always provide us with amazing paddling scenery, we are looking forward to our #trip to #Croatia in a few days to visit some partners and Sipa Ambasadors.
Slovenian #biathlon #athlete @marusalustrik uses SipaDrive to spice up her training regime. It is great for core strenght and balance training. Next week she is competing in the nationals and Sipaboards team wishes her all the best!!! #beastmode #training #paddleboard #paddlesports  #sup #gogreen #endurance #balance #familyfun
Autumn...when the summer madness is over, and everything slows down...perfet time to get on your #sipaboards and get in touch with yourself and nature. But there is no slowing down for our #team, we are working hard on improving our award winning SipaAir! But, we still take time to go on the water, turn on the SipaDrive, and recharge for next day😉! Life is short, make the most of it!!! #sup #watersports #paddleboard #slovenia #reddotaward #familyfun #familygoals #recreation #goodtimes
Two world leaders in electrical propulsion for water crafts join forces. @sipaboards and @greenlineyachts are a perfect match for hollidays! #gogreen #hybrid #edrive #e-drive #marinaportoroz #worldpremiere #cannesboatshow @cannesyachtingfestival
🚀SUPrise!!! Something is about to happen and nothing beats the view from a paddleboard. #sipaboards #paddleboarding #stand_up_paddle #summer #ocean #croatia #canadair #firefighters #airplane #standuppaddle #supspot #paddle #paddleboard #paddleboardyoga #sup 💪


“It will open a heap of places you could never go to before”

Tony Henry - Avalon Stand Up PaddleAustralia

“With this board we will send many new customers to the lake”

Thomas Nessman - Sup Rental ShopAustria

“If only we had this with us on the Atlantic. Life would have been much easier”

Marin Medak - Transatlantic rowerSlovenia

“My family and I have had a great time with the Sipaboard, what a great product you guys have made”


“you have managed to create an an amazing product”



Red Dot – Best of the Best

SipaBoards received an international product Red Dot Best of the Best Design Award 2015. A panel of globaly renowned and qualified design experts recognized our board as one of the special few (39) products among 4680 entries from 61 countries for its Concept Design and awarded us the higly valued Red Dot Best of the Best quality stamp.

ISPO Award Gold Winner

SipaBoards was recognised as the top product of entire Watersport category of the year at ISPO Munich 2017. This is the highest award possible in the sports industry and it was the first time ever to be awarded to a SUP board. International jury recognised the innovation of SipaBoards Air and the quality of manufacturing.


All SipaBoards are versatile SUPs that will be great for all types of paddlers. Made to be extra sturdy and stable, even our leanest model will comfortably hold you and all your gear on long paddling sessions, and a dog or child can climb aboard, too. Meanwhile our more voluminous boards are perfect for all-day trips hours and hours of fun on the water. No matter why you’re on the water SipaBoards, has an adventure for everyone..


Sipa Drive

The heart of every SipaBoard is an integrated jet propulsion engine and air compressor – the SipaDrive.

Jet Engine

The support jet engine offers an extra kick when you need it for recuperation, for overcoming bad conditions, for extending your session, or just for fun.


The SipaDrive does the hard work for you, pumping up your board in just a matter of minutes, while you focus on getting ready to paddle further than ever before.


Keeping you out there.

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SipaBoards Worldwide presence

With a lot of our boards sold overseas, we are proud to say that SipaBoards is present all over the World. Interested to spread SipaBoards even further? We have great deals for rental shops and more. Send us an email and lets talk.


Beauty is enjoyed best in company.
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Paddleboarding is the most fun you can have on the water. But it’s even more fun when you share the experience with your loved ones. SipaBoards will take you to new places together. Everyone can have fun at their own pace, while paddling in unison to the next adventure.