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Devoted to innovation

Opening up new horizons

SipaBoards is a European company, based in Kamnik, Slovenia. Our Alpine origins aren’t exactly the place you would normally expect a watercraft company to originate from, but like our products, we are different.

Driven by innovation and a relentless will to question the status quo, we are set to open up new horzions in watersports. Fully committed and always, fully charged.

Advantage is electric

We are a team of highly devoted engineers in love with nature. In our past, we have changed the world of aviation, as one of our owners developed the world’s most popular electric aircrats – Pipistrel.


After conquering the clouds, we are now setting our eyes on the waves and seas. SipaBoards bets on the electric revolution and brings cutting edge engineering into the world of paddleboards.

Our products are different.

Patented technology

SipaDrive® holds patents in the US and the EU for the only fully integrated jet-propelled self inflating standup paddleboard. We are collaborating with the industry’s top brands, providing them with our technology and bringing eSUP to a wider market.

CE certified

Our processes are standardised and bear the CE administrative marking that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

Awarded where it matters

SipaBoards’ innovative design and technology earned the Red Dot Best of the Best Award (2015). The ISPO Brand New Award (2016). ISPO GOLD Award (2016/17). The 2018 Red Dot Design Ranking (2018, shared with Google, Vibram, Michelin and Daimler). And the Paddle Expo Coolest Gear Award (2018).

You’ve got questions?

We’re here to help!

Our boards are sold by different specialised retailers in the EU and the US.


To inquire about a specific location of our authorised dealers or renting partners, please reach out to us at:

info[ @]sipaboards.com

Board registration portal is currently under renewal and should be available to all SipaBoard owners by mid June 2023.

To register and prolong your board’s warranty in the meantime, please send us an email to: info[@]sipaboards.com.

Our support team will require your invoice number, place of purchase (website or authorised dealer), date of purchase and board registration number. The board registration is engraved on the board’s top rear side.

We ship our  products globally, with DHL as our courier. 


For shipping within the European Union, the boards will take up to 5 – 7 days upon placed order.

For shipping within the mainland United States, the boards will take up to 10 days upon placed order.


For shipping to locations outside the EU and US, shipping times may vary. You can contact our support team at info[@]sipaboards.com to get an exact time estimate and price quote on your location.

To see possibilities and terms of service for B2B partners, please reach out to sebastjan[ @]sipaboards.com.


You can also call directly to: +386 41 628 497

No worries, we are always only a step away. You can reach us directly at the website chat box. If we won’t reply quickly enough, our support team will send an email within 24 hours.


You can also reach us directly at info[@]sipaboards.com 

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