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Invitation only free 14-day trial

We are offering a test run on a limited stock of our new Drive Collection boards. On the form below, you can check the availability of our test boards, get one and try it out over a course of 14 days.


Test runs are free limited and by LinkedIn invitation only. The user will only be charged for shipping costs and handling fees.

Sipa boards image
Sipa boards image
Sipa boards image
Sipa boards image
Sipa boards image

Check the availability of our test boards:

Our products are different.

Patented technology

SipaDrive® holds patents in the US and the EU for the only fully integrated jet-propelled self inflating standup paddleboard. We are collaborating with the industry’s top brands, providing them with our technology and bringing eSUP to a wider market.

CE certified

Our processes are standardised and bear the CE administrative marking that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

Awarded where it matters

SipaBoards’ innovative design and technology earned the Red Dot Best of the Best Award (2015). The ISPO Brand New Award (2016). ISPO GOLD Award (2016/17). The 2018 Red Dot Design Ranking (2018, shared with Google, Vibram, Michelin and Daimler). And the Paddle Expo Coolest Gear Award (2018).

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