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Drive Tourer Aqua

Own the distance and raise the pace with the Tourer Drive. This board will cut through waves with precision and superb stability.

Product includes

Electric sup and carbon paddle

Paddleboard, integrated electric motor and 3-piece paddle.

Stable and lightweight

12' long, almost 32.4'' wide and built from double layer dropstitch.

Up to 6 hours battery life

Expandable battery packs offer more range and autonomy.


  • Product information

    The Sipaboards Tourer Drive is a board built for more. Faster, lighter and longer than other Drive Collection models, this spear-headed SUP will glide through streams wherever you take it. The extended waterline allows the SipaDrive to develop up to 4.5 mph speed and turn your rides into full size explorations. Sleekly cut for easy maneuverability and low drag, the Tourer Drive is still a well balanced and considerably stiff board. A perfect choice for experienced paddlers as well as anyone looking for firness exercise, adventure, speed and more. Choose this board if you just can’t stop paddling and always long to explore the unknown.

    Included in the set: paddleboard, leash, remote contril, battery pack, backpack, carry strap.

  • Motor specification

    Welcome to the Sipaboards 2.0 jet engine: our upgraded solution provides optimized performance with reduced noise. At the core, it’s powered by the new modular Dual+ Battery System enabling you to use from 180 to 360 Wh for up to 6 hour electric jet powered rides. The built in compressor will inflate the board to optimal pressure while the LED lights will illuminate your surroundings with 15k lumens and send you on a special night adventure. Made from high-grade polycarbonate, our product also includes a special anti-debris protection.

  • Weight and dimensions

    Length: 12 feet (3.65 m)
    Width: 32.2 nches (82 cm)
    Thickness: 6 inches (15 cm)
    Volume: 320 l
    Weight of board with motor: 13.95 kg
    Weight of board without motor: 8.7 kg

  • Materials

    The Tourer is built from highest grade laminate with a high density dropstitch core. The DS core offers stiffness and stability while securing a light build to provide maximum manoeuvrability.

    The board features double-rail side reinforcements for added durability and rupture resistance.

    Allrounder’s standing surface is covered with a snakeskin low-rise EVA foam offering a good grip and a comfortable ride even if you decide to take it much further out. After all, as the name says, it’s made for touring.

Further, faster, safer

Discover a new way of enjoying the outdoors. Expanding on the bliss, serenity and unique exercise of paddleboarding, our Sipaboards add fun and safety to the mix. Conquer the waters and explore the world on the original E-SUP. It will open up places you only dreamed of reaching.

Fully charged for whatever comes

Feel empowered whenever you go out. Winds will change, tides will turn and currents will pull. But with a paddle assist system under your feet, you’re the one in charge. With the fully integrated SipaDrive, you’ll never notice it’s even there until you need it. Just one push of a button and you can reach beyond your limits.

Our products are different.

Patented technology

As the only fully integrated jet-propelled self inflating standup paddleboard, SipaDrive® holds a full range of patents in the US and the EU. We are collaborating with the industry’s top brands, providing them with our technology and bringing our E-SUP technology to a wider market.

CE certified

Our processes are standardised and bear the CE administrative marking indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

Awarded where it matters

SipaBoards’ innovative design and technology have been recognized worldwide. Awards won: Red Dot Best of the Best Award (2015). ISPO Brand New Award (2016). ISPO GOLD Award (2016/17). 2018 Red Dot Design Ranking (2018, shared with Google, Vibram, Michelin and Daimler). Paddle Expo Coolest Gear Award (2018).

We're a different global tribe.

We're a different global tribe.

Sipabord in action

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The motor produces up to 160Watts of power. It produces different Wh outputs regarding the chosen battery packs. All models Drive up to 2022, produce 144Wh, while the 2023 produce up to 360Wh. With the new Dual+ Battery System, you will have enough autonmy to enjoy endless summer days – and nights!

The motor will propell the board up to 7km/h (around 4 knots) without paddling in still windless conditions. You can choose between three speed options and always add additional knots by pushing hard with your paddle. Be sure, that you’ll be passing by other paddlers with ease. The motor helps beginners and kids pick up their pace and hold course, enabling families to paddle together. Seasoned paddlers and athletes will start discovering the benefits of eSUP by reaching remote destinations, previously out of reach.
All SipaBoards are eSUPs (electric paddleboards), but only the Drive collection is equipped with the motor. The Air Collection has a built-in compressor that inflates the board to optimal pressure, but does not offer a paddle assist system like the SipaDrive does. There are currently 4 Drive models: Allrounder Drive, our one-size-fits-all model, the Tourer Drive, which is made for longer and faster tours. The Neo Drive, a fit for beginners and lighter paddlers. And the purpose built Fisherman Drive.

Both systems – SipaDrive and SipaAir will inflate the boards in 7 minutes. The SipaDrive has a two step cycle, where the motor is inserted into the boad between stages.

The new Dual+ Battery System has two different blocks – a 90Wh and 180Wh. With the high-speed charger that comes with the set, the smaller block takes a little over an hour to charge, while the larger block takes just over two hours. Both blocks can be charged at the same time.

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