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Sometimes, a new collection is just a fresh coat of paint. A tweak in color, a sprinkle of eye candy – and that’s about it. But not at SipaBoards. For our 2024 Silver Line collection, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and put in the work in our R&D department. With over 100 custom-made components in the jet propelled drive alone, we’ve revamped everything that’s stood the test of time and added a slew of exciting new features.

This is the SipaBoards 2024 Silver line.
Fast. Simple to use. Stable. Superior. Fun to ride. Safe to return. 

Here are some of the new features and upgraded functionalities that make the first truly electric jet-propelled e-SUP in the world even better now.

An even better motor
Lighter, stronger, and quieter, the new SipaDrive 2.0 is built into a casted polycarbonate casing, ensuring an even longer lifespan and extending the warranty from 1 year to 2 years.

X-woven Drop-stitch used in all boards
Experience better stiffness, responsiveness, and increased agility when cruising with X-woven Drop-stitch technology.


GPS upgrade.
The Silver Line now features an integrated GPS for enhanced safety. Track your tours, locate your position at any time, and use it as an anti-theft device for added security.

New design for easy folding
Multi-tile EVA foam pads are strategically positioned to ensure the board folds effortlessly into the backpack every time.

More space for fun or touring
The extended EVA pad, from tail to beak, offers ample seating surface for additional paddlers, four-legged friends, or increased cargo space. More space, less compromise.

About the (exceptional) design …
You’ll notice that we intentionally haven’t talked about the new visual identity. The redesign of the SUPs, the new logo that aligns with SipaBoards’ products and vision even better than the old one, and a host of details deserve their own article. Watch this space.