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This is what makes the design of SipaBoards’ e-SUP, using multi-tile EVA Foam, so special. Learn why folding our e-SUP is so simple and space-efficient.

How much space have you got… at home… in your basement… in the boot of your car?

Efficiency and convenience are as crucial as the thrill of the ride itself. At SipaBoards, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the industry. That means using only the best materials. Here’s how we’ve raised the bar with our innovative multi-tile EVA foam feature, designed to ensure flawless folding every time.

Unlike most boards on the market that can be cumbersome and unwieldy, SipaBoards’ unique design allows it to fold into a rectangle shape, reducing its surface area by approximately 30%.

This compact form fits perfectly into a specially designed backpack, complete with intuitive labels that guide you on where each piece of the set belongs – from the board and paddle to all the accessories. This design ensures that every component has its place, optimising space in even the smallest compartments.

Every dot tells a story and the intuivity of the fold marks cannot be overstated. They serve as a guide to ensure the board is perfectly folded every time, significantly reducing the time users spend handling the board. From backpack to water, you’re ready to go in 10 minutes, and it’s just as quick to pack up and head back to your car.

Practicality is at the heart of SipaBoards’ design philosophy. The board’s compact size means it can fit into virtually any car. We’ve tested it in a Mini Cooper, and it’s a breeze. But don’t just take our word for it – see how effortlessly it fits into a Mazda MX5 by checking out our article on discovering the Hebrides with SipaBoards.

With the multi-tile EVA foam feature, we’ve ensured that the focus remains on the joy of the journey, not the hassle of the gear. So, fold it like you mean it, and dive into your next adventure with SipaBoards.

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