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From Sky to Water: Q&A session with Ivo Boscarol, aircraft designer and entrepreneur. Founder, former owner, and CEO of Pipistrel—renowned for producing ultralight and light aircraft. Discover his perspective as an investor and co-owner of SipaBoards.

What drew you to invest in SipaBoards?
Since selling Pipistrel, I’ve delved into intriguing investments, and SipaBoards embodies this spirit. It’s about avoiding a quiet life. With SipaBoards, I identified that pioneering energy that turns an idea into an industry game-changer.

How do innovations in aircraft design and watersports align in their goals?
It’s not about air or water; it’s about progress. We must move forward, explore new horizons. These values underpin all significant innovations.

As a visionary and an investor, how do you foresee the evolution of electric stand-up paddleboards in the market?
Similar to electric bikes, electricity plays a pivotal role in the SUP world. It’s a game-changer!

What’s your perspective on the electric water products segment?
The potential for growth and impact is immense. Innovation, lifestyle enhancements, sustainable tech—everything matters. There won’t be much room for low-quality, uninspiring products that lack joy and fail to meet evolving consumer demands.

Where do you foresee SipaBoards in 5 years?
My investment in e-SUP stems from a passion for groundbreaking, innovative products. I genuinely believe in the team’s sincere, down-to-earth engineering approach, striving for top quality and enjoyment. Am I just trusting my instincts? Trust me, I’m no Santa (smiles). I can easily see SipaBoards’ value multiplying 10-fold or more in the coming years.

“SipaBoards’ innovation isn’t confined to boards alone. It extends to powered-up marine crafts. While stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) will undoubtedly grow with the market, this technology is versatile and applicable to various watercraft, encompassing boats, kayaks, and a myriad of small vessels.”

Ivo Boscarol’s aircraft producing company Pipistrel claimed many awards such as European Business Award for the most innovative company in EU in 2010 and three consecutive victories at the NASA Challenges in 2007, 2008 and 2011. Pipistrel aircraft won the World Champion title, accomplished several flights around the world and still holds 11 world records. 

Boscarol is a highly recognised entrepreneur. Among numerous international and domestic awards and accolades, he was awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa for his outstanding scientific and professional achievements by the University of Nova Gorica.

 Ivo Boscarol is a globally acclaimed innovator in the aircraft industry, an award-winning pioneer and global leader in electrically powered aircraft with his Pipistrel company. 
– After 33 years, sold the majority stake in Pipistrel in 2022 to Textron for a reported cash purchase price of approximately €218 million.
– In 2022, donated 30 million EUR for various social projects for the public good in his home country Slovenia.
– Became SipaBoards co-owner in 2022 together with his daughter Taja.