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SipaBoards isn’t just revolutionizing water sports for beginners, families, paddling enthusiasts, or athletes. With SipaBoards e-SUPs, we’re also changing the way stand-up paddleboards can be used in the rental industry. See why SipaBoards is the go-to choice for rental businesses and how it can enhance your revenue and customer satisfaction.

User benefits:

Wider Demographic Appeal: SipaBoards e-SUPs attract both experienced riders and newcomers. Their accessibility and excitement make them appealing to a diverse user base.
Safety and Ease: Navigating winds and tides becomes effortless with e-SUPs. Novices find them ideal, while experienced paddlers appreciate the convenience.
Group Adventures: SipaBoards e-SUPs accommodate varying fitness levels, making them perfect for families and groups. Shared water adventures become a joyous experience.

Unlike traditional SUPs, SipaBoards e-SUPs offer a unique combination of safety, ease, and inclusivity, combined with a higher revenue potential.

A unique business opportunity:
When you partner with SipaBoards, you’re not just getting e-SUPs. You’re gaining a complete business solution.

Comprehensive support: We provide training and onboarding to ensure you’re well-equipped to operate our boards. Whether on-site or remote, our maintenance services keep your fleet ready.

Diverse product range: SipaBoards caters to all paddler types, expanding your customer base. We’re not just a provider; we’re your growth partner in the e-SUP industry.

Profit from Premium Experiences

SipaBoards e-SUPs attract customers willing to pay for exceptional experiences. Here’s how you benefit.

Revenue boost: Adding SipaBoards to your rental fleet increases revenue significantly.
Flexible Options: Choose to buy outright or lease for the season. Our re-sell options enhance your profit potential.

Why SipaBoards Stands Out with patented Technology: SipaDrive®
Our fully integrated jet-propelled self-inflating stand-up paddleboard holds patents in the US and the EU. It’s also CE certified meaning our processes adhere to health, safety, and environmental standards within the EU.

Investing in SipaBoards for your rental fleet means embracing the electrified future of water sports rentals. Join us in providing thrilling adventures while boosting your profits. Get in touch and become a part of the SipaBoards success story!

Let’s do some calculations –>
check our dedicated rentals site to see how rentals with 10 SipaBoards e-SUPs can generate an additional €33,000 within a 60-day season.

contact us to explore partnership opportunities and elevate your rental business with SipaBoards e-SUPs.