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Say goodbye to tech-induced glitches and hello to smooth paddling.

Experiencing a hiccup with your SipaBoard remote? In our R&D, we put in maximum effort and test countless scenarios to avoid such occurrences. However, it’s the nature of electronic devices to test our patience from time to time.

Even with premium products, you can face the occasional challenge, whether it’s a stubborn pairing issue that refuses to cooperate or a mysterious interference from unseen electronic neighbors.

But don’t panic; we’ll get you sorted in a minute. We’ve got your back with a simple, user-friendly guide that will have you pairing your remote with the SipaDrive 2.0 effortlessly.

Quick and Easy (Re)Pairing
Pairing your remote to the SipaDrive 2.0 is as easy as a few button presses. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth connection:

1. Power On: Begin by turning on your motor.
2. Press and Hold: Next, press and hold all four buttons on the remote simultaneously for 2 seconds.
3. Watch for the Lights: A combination of red and green lights will flash briefly, followed by a steady green light.
4. Successful Pairing: Once the green light on the motor stops blinking, voilà! Your remote and motor are now paired.

Check the video: Pairing the remote to SipaDrive 2.0
We’ve prepared a handy video tutorial. Just click “Play” below and follow along as we walk you through the process.

Resetting your remote shouldn’t be a complicated task. With this knowledge, you can tackle most issues that come your way. So next time your remote decides to be a bit stubborn, simply take a deep breath and


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