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According to official data provided by geographers from McGill University, Canada boasts an astonishing number of lakes: 879,800 – if we only count the ones which are over 10 hectares (that’s nearly 25 acres if you’re using imperial units) in size. If we added all the smaller ones as well, this number would exceed 2 million!

“Hey, there’s a lake in Canada for every single person living in Slovenia, our home country,”* we casually mention to Louis Morin, the guy who fell in love with SipaBoards and is now establishing SipaBoards Canada operations. We are greeted by a knowing smile and a casual remark, as if that were nothing special. “Yes, sure, plenty of lakes here. But you mustn’t forget we’ve also got access to two great oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific! And there are all the gorgeous rivers too!”

At that point, we are tempted to just end the call right away. We’re talking on Teams, and it’s late afternoon our local time so we’re a bit tired, while our friend Louis, on the other hand, is apparently full of morning energy and in the mood to throw in some more “interesting facts” (read: rubbing salt in the wound to everyone who’s not Canadian).

Luckily, we remember him saying he first got into stand-up paddleboarding while spending time in his usual winter retreat in the Antilles (Because it’s freezing back home, see? Got you!) and then remember we’ve actually called Louis to talk business.

We inquire about the feedback after the first couple of SipaBoards presentations in Canada, and finally, we get the kind of answer we were hoping for since the beginning of our discussion.

“Marvelous! Amazing! Absolutely great! Canadians loved SipaBoards!”

“The response has been excellent, and I am delighted that both SUP enthusiasts and those who are just entering this world have recognized what I did when I first saw SipaBoards’ e-SUP. The idea is fantastic, comparable to the breakthrough that e-bikes brought to the world of cycling. And the execution is top-notch. The technology, design, details – the product truly meets expectations.”

Do people in Canada also ask where the motor is, like the curious folks in Europe do all the time? Yes, of course.

“Many find it hard to believe that we have a jet-propelled motor fully integrated into the SUP, that there is no additional resistance, nothing protruding from the board either above or below, and that, in fact, the SUP is even more stable. Once they realize this, they are thrilled.”

Louis isn’t a novice when it comes to innovations in the world of marine watercraft. In addition to enjoying boats and sailing, he’s constantly seeking business opportunities. “My personal ambition with SipaBoards is to be the first in the market. Just like foils, jet skis, and similar have shaken up the scene, I’m convinced that e-SUP will have a lot of enthusiasts in Canada. And that we’ll sell a lot of them and get them into SUP rentals as well, of course.”

In the coming weeks, activities in the Canadian market will intensify. In addition to SipaBoards online presence, the network of sales points or partners will expand throughout this wonderful country, perfectly suited for stand-up paddleboarding.

For inquiries on how to become a SipaBoards retailer or partner, get in touch with us.

* Got time for one more Canada vs. Slovenia comparison? Canada’s dominance also extends to an astounding 8,300 ice hockey rinks in total. Among these, 2,860 are indoor facilities, while the rest are located outdoors. Slovenia, on the other hand, has 7. Not seven hundred or seven thousand. Just seven. But our national team made it to the Olympics twice (and even bested our arch sporting rival Austria there), and we have Anze Kopitar from the LA Kings (USA, not Canada – and two championship rings for him), so we must be doing something right!

Photo credit: Alice Triquet / Unsplash

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