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An investment in the best water adventure.

In the world of water sports, stand-up paddleboarding has been waiting for a significant evolution, much like the transformation e-bikes brought to cycling. At SipaBoards, we’re proud to say we’ve made the “SUP 2.0 era” happen and elevated stand-up paddleboarding to a completely new level.

True, there are numerous SUPs costing less. But are they truly worth it – or cheaper at all? It’s essential to understand the unparalleled value SipaBoards e-SUPs offer. Here, we’ve listed the reasons why it’s an investment worth making.

Unmatched build quality

At SipaBoards, we believe in using only the best premium materials and cutting-edge technologies. Our commitment to quality ensures durability and exceptional riding characteristics. The x-woven drop stitch technology, found only in elite boards, combined with heat bonding and lamination, places our new inflatable SUPs on a level which only a couple of other “classic inflatable” SUPs and the world’s top brands can achieve. Also, a SipaBoard isn’t only a marvel of technological innovation, but also a testament to longevity. There are quite a few first-generation SUPs still navigating the waters after nearly ten years in use.

Integrated compressor

Convenience redefined: forget about manual pumps. Our built-in compressor is a game-changer, offering a seamless transition from unfolding the e-SUP to being on the water. While standalone compressors are available at a price range from 100 to 300 dollars or euros, they lack the practicality and integration of SipaBoards’ solution. Our compressor outperforms the market’s best, delivering faster, quieter, and more precise inflation, all while being neatly integrated within the SipaDrive. No need to carry an extra part of gear!
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The motor, the heart of the SipaBoards e-SUP. This is what sets our e-SUP apart, deservedly granting it the “e-” prefix. It’s not just about the convenience; it’s about transforming your paddling experience. Our users paddle more frequently, for longer durations, and in varied conditions, surpassing the average paddleboarder’s usage.

What are the alternatives? None, really. When compared to add-on motors, currently ranging from 500 to 3,000 EUR, SipaBoards offers superior speed, autonomy, and build quality. Our integrated motor system, designed with details such as algae protection and zero drag when idle in mind, stands unmatched in the market. Again: it’s fully integrated. Nothing above or below the board, no extra installations, no impractical and bulky additions at all.
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Ease of use

Navigating the waters on a SipaBoards e-SUP is a great experience: over and over again. SipaBoards e-SUPs are designed with our users in mind. Every aspect, from the motor to the compressor, is integrated into one cohesive unit. This eliminates the need for additional gear, maintenance, or warranties. It’s a plug-and-play adventure, right out of the box.

Choosing a SipaBoards e-SUP is an investment in safety, confidence, capability, and fun on the water. It’s about enjoying the sport more often and with more people. With its long lifespan and comprehensive features, it isn’t just a superior choice. It’s the smart choice for all of those who demand the best.


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